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Keep track of upcoming key events

Always do your filings on time and avoid late penalty fees.

Where possible, we automatically process the filings for you, where we can't, you will see an action task in your dashboard reminding you to process the relevant filing.


Manage your board meetings effortlessly

No more back-and-forth between your directors to plan the next board meeting and to discuss the agenda.

Authorized directors can add a motion to the agenda for the next board meeting or even call an extraordinary board meeting. We will then automatically schedule a meeting based on the directors timezone. All meeting minutes are automatically generated and can be approved online.


Keep an overview of all your stakeholders

Forget excel spreadsheets, keep the stakeholders data at arms length for all your companies.

With directors and shareholders that come and go, it quickly becomes a pain to keep track of changes especially when dealing across many jurisdictions and legal entities.

Easily export share certificates, list of directors, shareholder registers, etc. without opening Word or Excel once.


1-click elect new directors

Add and remove directors and other stakeholders directly from the platform.

We will automatically generate the board meeting minutes, add the motion to the agenda, send the directorship agreement to the director, update your directors register, update the relevant public registry (Companies House in the UK) all in one click!


Access corporate documents

Never lose that certificate of incorporation again.

You can easily store, back-up and give access to stakeholders to incorporation documents for your legal entities. This speeds up the process of due-diligence when attracting investors or appointing accountants/legal advisors.

Generate legal agreements

Most legal agreements are standardized templates that you can just fill.

Don't spend precious funds on legal fees for standardized agreements, automatically generate your shareholder's agreement, non-disclosure agreements, directorship agreements, etc. from our library of templates and contract maker, which is adapted for each jurisdiction.

Full accounting

We provide accounting services and software adapted to everyone's need.

We can provide you an accountant in the jurisdiction of your legal entities at a discounted rate, as all the filings are done automatically by our platform this will save you time. Alternatively, you can use our simple accounting module, adapted for businesses that have less than 250 entries a year, it provides double-entry bookkeeping and is perfect for non-operating entities such as holding companies, SPVs, JVs, Trusts, etc.

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Are you a Fiduciary, Lawyer or Accountant?

We have a dedicated team that works with professionals in sectors that handle large amount of legal entities. You can use our partners program to better track all the entities that you are overseeing and/or give white-label versions of the Manager to your clients. Contact us today to discuss your professional needs.

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