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We offer a powerful platform that helps entrepreneurs and investors manage all their corporate governance securely and effortlessly.
No more company registration and governance headaches.

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Start your company online in a minute and be operational within 24 hours with a bank account, legal advisor, etc.

Use our powerful platform to keep track of all upcoming deadlines, generate board meeting minutes, agreements, ...

Give access to your company's corporate governance to key stakeholders such as shareholders, etc.

Why incorporate with us?

Made for entrepreneurs, by entrepreneurs.

We are entrepreneurs ourselves and have a long experience in dealing with service providers all over the world. We wanted our platform to enable everyone to incorporate in just a few clicks while fulfiling all regulatory and legal requirements.

Over 25 years of multi-jurisidction experience.

With us, you benefit from over 25 yeras of cumulated expertise and previous client work. You are able to pick services à la carte from basic capital structure to more complex structuring according to your needs.

100% paperless process.

We eradicate the paperwork requirement and digitize the bureaucratic process, making everything digital. You sign your resolutions, on-board, do the KYC, hire your directors and much more, all of it online.

1-click incorporation

Once that we have your KYC documents, you can incorporate legal entities in most jurisdictions without the need to re-onboard: 1-click incorporate your SPVs, JVs and new ventures.

All the add-ons you need, out of the box.

Bank accounts, credit card processor, currency transfer, accountants, auditors, tax advisors, legal advisors ... for each jurisdiction we can easily introduce you to local partners that will save you precious time.

Free access to the Manager

We have developed an advanced company manager that takes care of most of the corporate governance requirements that you have. If you incorporate through us, you will have a free access to the Manager (worth $150 per year). Learn more.

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Canada LLP More Info

Tax-free international trading with premium USD-banking facilities.

From 1,500$ See Options
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Cayman ELC More Info

For an international holding company or investment fund.

From 4,000$ See Options
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Curaçao Foundation More Info

More flexible and cost-efficient than a Swiss Foundation.

From 4,759$ See Options
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French SàRL More Info

For holding assets and doing business in France.

From 1,925$ See Options
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Hong Kong Ltd More Info

Freedom for asian entrepreneurs with low tax liability.

From 1,850$ See Options
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Malta Ltd More Info

European entity for crypto, gambling or regulated exchanges.

From 4,580$ See Options
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Seychelles IBC More Info

Confidential business vehicle

From 500$ See Options
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Singapore Pte Ltd More Info

Good for operational companies or for token issuance.

From 2,250$ See Options
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Swiss GmbH (Zug) More Info

A prestigious jurisdiction that offers privacy and proximity to Crypto Valley.

From 34,760$ See Options
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UK Limited More Info

A light and cost-efficient structure that has a strong reputation worldwide.

From 180$ See Options
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Delaware C-Corp More Info

The best option for U.S. tech companies.

From 3,400$ See Options
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British Virgin Island IBC More Info

Typically used for holding investment companies and special purpose vehicles.

From 2,800$ See Options
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